Monthly Archives: January 2012

Gitting Achievements on track

For any developers interested in the future of Achievements (v3.0), I have decided to move Achievements development onto Github (here). I’ve been looking for a good reason to try to learn a new VCS for some time, and since Achievements is undergoing a total rewrite, I didn’t have to worry about tracking any archive data out of SVN, it was a good fit.

Achievements is my #1 dev. priority for the first part of 2012, so consider it back on track.

Achievements 2.2

I’ve just put out version 2.2 of Achievements, a small release to fix a couple of bugs:

1) Fix error when unlocking achievement when not using any of achievements’ widgets

2) Include up-to-date .pot file to fix internationalisation problems.

Get Achievements 2.2 from inside your WordPress or on