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The long-promised documentation for this plugin is beginning to appear. I have created a number of articles, which you can access via the menu at the top of the page, including how to add support for third-party plugins. More coming this week, as well as a new release of Achievements.

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  1. Marleen

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for your work on the Achievements plugin!
    It’s without question of of my favorites, and a perfect fit with BP :)

    My question is: Is there by any chance a way to exclude the site admin from the achievement system?

    My community, the ; monxies ) Storybook provides a social network for ‘monxies’ (unique toy creatures, handmade by me), through which the ‘adopter’ of a monxie can share their monxie’s stories with the world. With your plugin I’ve been able to add for example a ‘children’s storyteller’ and an ‘adventurous storyteller’ achievement, livening up the theme at the same time.
    However, ’cause the community still needs a lot of work, pages and the like, I need to post a lot from the site admin account, resulting in the site admin ‘dominating the achievement charts’. That’s of course not ‘fair’, so I’d like to exclude the admin from being granted achievement points. Could you help me out with that?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Paul Gibbs

      Hi Marleen
      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your feedback :) I absolutely love your monxie toys, and your idea to create a site for people to share their monixie’s adventures on. It’s super :D

      I understand your issue exactly, and I will work on a way to sort this out in the next version. I hope to release at the weekend, or early next week. Once it is out, I will post here how to do it.

    2. Paul Gibbs

      Hi Marleen
      I am still considering if I want to add a setting to allow this. However, you can put this into your theme’s functions.php:

      [sourcecode language="php" light="true"]
      function monxies_remove_admin( $user_id, $action_name, $action_func_args ) {
      if ( 1 == $user_id ) {
      return false;
      } else {
      return $user_id;
      add_filter( ‘dpa_handle_action_user_id’, ‘monxies_remove_admin’, 10, 3 );

      If the user with id = 1 tries to unlock an achievement or get points, it won’t let them. If the user you’re trying to skip over isn’t user_id = 1, then you’ll need to change that number in the code appropriately. Let me know if you get stuck.

  2. Gary

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for providing this great plug-in!! I have just built a buddypress site, and it is the biggest hit with everyone so far. As more people join, it will continue to help liven up the site.

    My question relates to the achievements that are earned through the “events”.

    I have created about 15 events so far, and for all newbies to the site, I have created some low requirement achievements. However, for some reason they are not being activated on the counts.

    Two that come to mind right away are:

    a). “the user changes their profile’s avatar: (I had set this at 3, but after 3 changes of the avatar, the badge has still not been awarded automatically)

    b). “the user replies to any item in any activity stream: (I had set this to activate after 3 replies, but so far, no automatic badge has been given)

    I am doing this incorrectly, or is there a count problem or other bug to be worked out?

    Other than these small counting glitches, the plug-in is fantastic!


    1. Paul Gibbs

      Hi Gary
      I’m sorry for the late reply to your message. In theory, both of those actions should work, but perhaps they aren’t :) I will look into the problems this weekend and fix them for the next version, which I expect soon. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Gary

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your reply.

      With your latest release a few days ago, it would appear that the counting issue has been resolved. I have set up many “events” which require an “x” number of actions to be met. So far, the ones that have been met by various users, seem to be giving out badges as they are being earned.

      The functionality you have created is fantastic and I find this plug-in really easy to use.

      As of this point, everything works great.

      Thanks, and looking forward to seeing more great stuff from you!


  3. Alex Cerra

    Paul, the plugin is brilliant! But, It’s missing something that I think is rather elementary. It would be absolutely perfect if we had the option of displaying each members points on their profile. Because right now, we can only see our own points on the sidebar when the widget is put into action, but there is no way for me to see a members point total unless I go to their achievements section and manually add up the totals one by one. The total should already be displayed on their profile somewhere near their name and status. Let me know what you think please =]

    1. John

      Just check out the code he has for the widget and reuse it in your theme. I have a feeling many won’t want the points displayed that way, but I’m sure the code is pretty straightforward for you to integrate it in your theme on people’s profile.

    2. Paul Gibbs

      Hi Alex
      Thanks for the feedback. In a pre-release version, this sort of data used to live up there but I couldn’t make it look smart on the default theme, whilst being sufficiently generic to try to not look too horrible on other themes. However, it’s definitely something I want to put back, so I am going to spend some time thinking about how to do this in December.

      There are a few widgets bundled; any of those usable in the interim?

    3. Alex Cerra

      Only for the user to see his own points total for now, but it’s all good. I guess it’s something cool I can add on later. Maybe you can hook it into the member profile stats plugin if at all possible. That’d be very cool indeed. It’s not even something that it’s lacking, it’s just some dumb thing that I myself would like. Other than that, it’s by far, in my opinion, the best plugin for buddypress. No fooling…

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