Upgrading From Old Versions

Howdy! If you’re here, you’ve probably come from your plugins screen which told you that there’s a new version of Achievements. Read this page before upgrading to understand how the new version might affect your site.

From 2.x to 3.0

  • For 3.0, no content, settings, or widgets are migrated from previous versions. This includes any plugins or customisations that you have which provide their own integration with Achievements.┬áIn a future 3.x release, a data migration tool will be made available.
  • 3.0 is not integrated as deeply into BuddyPress as previous versions have been. For example, the “my achievements” page under a user’s profile has been removed. In a future 3.x release, this level of integration will return.
  • All of the achievement creation/management tools have been moved to inside the WordPress admin area.
  • The default templates/appearance has dramatically changed. Any customisations you’ve made to Achievements inside your theme won’t work.
  • If you upgrade, and have a Page called “achievements”, delete it.

If you upgrade, but then decide you want to go back to 2.x, go here to download old versions of Achievements.

One thought on “Upgrading From Old Versions

  1. Vernon

    Thanks for making the huge leap forward to custom post types and more, more, more in Achievements 3.0. Thanks also for providing this documentation as it makes it clear what we can have now and what goodies are planned for the future. As we are running Achievements on a BuddyPress site, we are looking forward to the migration from 2.x and the “my achievements” page. You rock Paul.


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